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 Anon. Portrait


Francis Bacon Portrait

Bacon, Francis

Alexander Bain Portrait

Bain, Alexander

Thomas Squire Barrett Portrait

Barrett, Thomas Squire

Pierre Bayle Portrait

Bayle, Pierre

Thomas Spencer Baynes Portrait

Baynes, Thomas Spencer

James Beattie Portrait

Beattie, James

Francis Bowen Portrait

Bowen, Francis

  • A Treatise on Logic, or, The Laws of Pure Thought
    1st Ed (1 Vols)
John Brown Portrait

Brown, John

Thomas Brown Portrait

Brown, Thomas

  • Inquiry into the Relation of Cause and Effect
    3rd Ed (1 Vols)
Jacob Brucker Portrait

Brucker, Jacob

Franco Burgersdicius Portrait

Burgersdicius, Franco

Edmund Burke Portrait

Burke, Edmund

  • A Philosophical Enquiry into...the Sublime and Beautiful
    1st Ed (1 Vols)
Robert Burns Portrait

Burns, Robert

  • The Works of Robert Burns
    to which is prefixed A Life of the Author 1st Ed (3 Vols)
Thomas Carlyle Portrait

Carlyle, Thomas

  • On Heroes, Hero-Worship, and The Heroic in History
    1st Ed (1 Vols)
Robert Chambers Portrait

Chambers, Robert

  • Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation
    1st Ed (1 Vols)
Auguste Comte Portrait

Comte, Auguste

  • Appel aux Conservateurs BOUND WITH Discours sur L'ensemble du Positivisme
    (1 Vols)
  • Synthese Subjective
    Systeme Universel des Conceptions Propres a l'Etat Normal de l'Humanite 1st Ed (1 Vols)
  • Catéchisme Positiviste
    Sommaire Exposition de la Religion Universelle 1st Ed (1 Vols)
  • Traité Philosophique D'Astronomie Populaire
    Exposition Systématique 1st Ed (1 Vols)
  • Traité élémentaire de géometrie analytique à deux et à trois dimensions
    1st Ed (1 Vols)
Victor Cousin Portrait

Cousin, Victor

  • Cours De Philosophie: Introduction à l'histoire de la philosophie
    (3 Vols)
Ralph Cudworth Portrait

Cudworth, Ralph

  • The True Intellectual System of the Universe
    2nd Ed (2 Vols)
Charles Darwin Portrait

Darwin, Charles

  • The Descent of Man
    and Selection in Relation to Sex 1st Ed (2 Vols)
Augustus De Morgan Portrait

De Morgan, Augustus

  • Formal Logic, or the Calculus of Inference, Necessary and Probable
    (1 Vols)
M. De Seze Portrait

De Seze, M.

  • Recherches Phisiologiques et Philosophiques sur la Sensibilité…
    (1 Vols)
Renati Descartes Portrait

Descartes, Renati

Philippo Du Trieu Portrait

Du Trieu, Philippo

R. W. Emerson Portrait

Emerson, R. W.

James F. Ferrier Portrait

Ferrier, James F.

  • Institutes of Metaphysic: The Theory of Knowing and Being
    (1 Vols)
Johann G. Fichte Portrait

Fichte, Johann G.

John Foster Portrait

Foster, John

Charles Fourier Portrait

Fourier, Charles

Thomas Fowler Portrait

Fowler, Thomas

John Grote Portrait

Grote, John

  • Exploratio Philosophica
    Rough Notes on Modern Intellectual Science: Part I (1 Vols)
George Grote Portrait

Grote, George

Harriet Grote Portrait

Grote, Harriet

James Harris Portrait

Harris, James

David Hartley Portrait

Hartley, David

  • Observations on Man, his Frame, his Duty and his Expectations: Part 1
    (2 Vols)
Rowland G. Hazard Portrait

Hazard, Rowland G.

  • Two Letters on Causation and Freedom in Willing, Addressed to John Stuart Mill
    (1 Vols)
Thomas Hobbes Portrait

Hobbes, Thomas

  • The Latin Works [Opera Latina]
    Opera Philosophica Quae Latine Scripsit (5 Vols)
Shadworth H. Hodgson Portrait

Hodgson, Shadworth H.

I.P. Hughlings Portrait

Hughlings, I.P.

  • The Logic of Names
    An Introduction to Boole's Laws of Thought (1 Vols)
David Hume Portrait

Hume, David

  • Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion
    To Which is Added, Divine Benevolence Asserted…by Thomas Balguy (1 Vols)
Francis Hutcheson Portrait

Hutcheson, Francis

Thomas Henry Huxley Portrait

Huxley, Thomas Henry

W. Stanley Jevons Portrait

Jevons, W. Stanley

  • Elementary Lessons in Logic: Deductive and Inductive
    (1 Vols)
Immanuel Kant Portrait

Kant, Immanuel

Pierre Laromiguière Portrait

Laromiguière, Pierre

Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibnitz Portrait

Leibnitz, Gottfried Wilhelm von

Émile Littré Portrait

Littré, Émile

John Locke Portrait

Locke, John

  • The Works of John Locke: A New Edition, Corrected
    (10 Vols)
Henry Sumner Maine Portrait

Maine, Henry Sumner

  • Ancient Law
    Its Connection with the Early History of Society, and Its Relation to Modern Ideas 1st Ed (1 Vols)
Henry Longueville Mansel Portrait

Mansel, Henry Longueville

Frederick Denison Maurice Portrait

Maurice, Frederick Denison

  • Moral and Metaphysical Philosophy
    Ancient Philosophy 4th Ed (4 Vols)
John Stuart Mill Portrait

Mill, John Stuart

John Morley Portrait

Morley, John

William Paley Portrait

Paley, William

  • The Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy
    15th Ed (2 Vols)
Joseph Priestley Portrait

Priestley, Joseph

Thomas Reid Portrait

Reid, Thomas

  • An Inquiry into the Human Mind on the Principles of Common Sense
    4th Ed (1 Vols)
Robert Sanderson Portrait

Sanderson, Robert

Augustus William Schlegel Portrait

Schlegel, Augustus William

  • A Course of Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature
    1st English Ed (1 Vols)
Percy Bysshe Shelley Portrait

Shelley, Percy Bysshe

  • Essays, Letters from Abroad, Translations and Fragments
    1st Ed (2 Vols)
John Sterling Portrait

Sterling, John

Alexis de Tocqueville Portrait

Tocqueville, Alexis de

  • Oeuvres et Correspondance Inédites d'Alexis de Tocqueville
    1st Ed (2 Vols)