Advisory Board

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Anna Gibson is Teaching Assistant Professor of English at North Carolina State University and Co-Director for the Digital Dickens Notes Project.

Meredith Martin is Associate Professor of English at Princeton University, author of The Rise and Fall of Meter, Poetry and English National Culture, 1860-1930, Principal Investigator for the Princeton Prosody Archive, and Faculty Director of the Center for Digital Humanities at Princeton.

Georgios Varouxakis is Professor of the History of Political Thought at Queen Mary, University of London, author of Liberty Abroad: J. S. Mill on International Relations, Mill on Nationality, and Victorian Political Thought on France and the French, and Co-Director of the Centre for the Study of the History of Political Thought at Queen Mary University of London.

Phyllis Weliver is Professor of English at Saint Louis University; author of The Musical Crowd in English Fiction, 1840-1910: Class, Culture and Nation, Women Musicians in Victorian Fiction, 1860-1900: Representations of Music, Science and Gender in the Leisured Home, and Mary Gladstone and the Victorian Salon: Music, Literature, Liberalism; and Principal Investigator for Sounding Tennyson.

Alex Zakaras is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Vermont, author of Individuality and Mass Democracy: Mill, Emerson, and the Burdens of Citizenship, and co-editor of J. S. Mill’s Political Thought: A Bicentennial Retrospective.

In addition to providing general advice about all things Mill- and DH-related, members of the advisory board have performed beta-testing of our database and web search interface prototype, and serve as a peer review board of all prospective content for our final website (including both general introductory materials and critical introductions to the marginalia found in selected books).