How to Use this Site

Mill Library background image

More extensive information about the features of this site is available in the “Technical Approach” and “Editorial Policies” sections of the static content. Those who wish to get right to the marginalia are advised to begin on the Home page, which provides five ways into the images: “Library” offers a browsable view of the spines of books whose marginalia has been added to the site, with the order of spines determined randomly with each view; “Search” allows you to filter all marginalia in the database by (sub)type, hand, author, volume, or any combination of these categories; “Volumes” will take you to an alphabetized list of all books whose marginalia has been added to the site ; “Distinct Marginalia Types” will take you a list of all types and subtypes of marginalia discovered and categorized within the Mill collection, each with a reference photo; “Authors” will take you to an alphabetized list of all authors whose books have been digitized so far –that subset of the collection written by your chosen author appears in alphabetical order by volume title. However you arrive at a book, you will notice that a list of all of its marginalia, identified by type and subtype, appears at left, that an image of the title page of the book appears in the middle of your browser window, and that a transcription pane appears at the right. Use the “Search Transcriptions” and “Filter by Type” (above at left) to narrow down the marginalia even further or select a page from the list at left. Tools for manipulating the image can be accessed via the gear at the bottom right corner of the page image. Those who wish to perform more sophisticated adjustments to the image are invited to import it into their favorite image software. A link to an online full text edition of the book is located above the transcription pane (above at right), and a critical introduction, if available, can be accessed via a link above the page image. Happy viewing.